Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Besi Loves Me

I don't know why but...eversince working at 5 Loaves Cafe, I've become accident prone. And all involving metal. Adeline says I have bad feng shui (in a joking manner lah). Maybe I should consult Lillian Too and perhaps she'll ask me to buy a really expensive purple ox to counter the bad feng shui. No wonder she's rich aye? Loads of crap....

What happen today was....I was opening the shutters (those metal things that acts as a door at the opening of any shop) of the cafe using the besi thingy. The shutters went up and I'm so short so I tippy-toed. But the besi thingy went up so high and I accidentally let go of it. It fell and landed on my face. Ouch. It hurt so much! And it left a very ugly red mark on my face......it's a bruise actually. This is how it looks like....

It hurts but I'm still smiling.

Seriously, all the accidents that happen involves metal and I'm the only one who always gets these accidents and rather serious injuries. This morning's incident definitely became story of the day. Huhu.....malu eh! I don't really mind the ugly red mark but I just hope people don't get the idea that my boss is abusing me or my parents are abusing me or the likes. People, it is a self-inflicted accident.

Besi loves me very much. First, the tiang that made my palak benjol which happened about 2 weeks ago. Now, the besi thingy landing straight onto my face, leaving it bruised. What can possibly happen next???

Anyway, it was rather busy during lunch time at 5 Loaves Cafe. One of the customers being members of Swinburne's Student Council. They were all at one big table. Imagine, busy hour, full house with me being the waitress/toast maker and another not-so-efficient waitress. Surprisingly, at lunch time people still ordered Roti Kahwin and Bread stuff. So it was kinda tough waitressing and making toasts at the same time. Tambah gik the kerenah of the Student Council people. Headache lah! I mean, you order Iced Milo. Adakah patut you want less ice ON A HOT DAY?? One of my conversation went like this....

Girl: Can I have mayonnaise please?

Me: *fake smile* Yeah, sure. =)

I go to the kitchen, take the mayonnaise and pour it into the sauce pan. I imagined the mayonnaise as the girl and I punched it and squeezed it to melepaskan geram. While doing that, I was saying "Stupid, stupid, fussy, cerewet people! I hate Swinburne students! I want more Cheese on my Cheezy Chips....I want Iced Milo with less Ice....can you do this, can you do that....Bodoh! You blind kah?? I'm BUSY. Can you not make so many macam-macam and unimportant permintaan?!! Finish melepaskan geram on the mayonnaise for a few seconds, go out of the kitchen and fake smile more. =)

Me: Your mayonnaise, miss. *with very the fake and very the sweet smile*

Girl: Thank you.

Yeah, whatever. What else do you want?!

Me: Anything else that I forgot?

Girl and Guys: Nope. Thanks.

Me: Thank you.

Finally you cerewet people leave me alone!

After this incident, I realize how much I detest the orang 'up' of Swinburne. Particularly the Student Council people lah. They're so snobbish, speaks the language of the Queen as though they are ang mo, definitely very show off. My mom wanted me to join the Student Council. Yeah, I thought of joining but I always like to check it out before I actually join. I'm a person who's into joining clubs and making a difference and stuff like that. I didn't wana join cos since a majority of them are snobbish, I fear I may end up like them as well. You know....birds of a feather flock together.


BigGio said...

OMG chris! pity u! dat day is the head, now the face? what next???
seriously, get a bouncer. lol.

Christine Dior said...

haha! -.-" ku nang accident prone lah....i'm usually not like this. and yes....i need a bouncer! ahahaha!!

friggin student council.....grrrrr....