Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Lord, Help Me!

I don't understand why
We put our hope on something
That we know will fail us.
But yet, we still do.
And no matter how many times we fall
We still never learn
Like a dog who poops and walks away
Only to find that it turns back
Go towards it and eat it again.
Oh Lord, help me to turn to you always
Oh Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you
And know that only you satisfy
And that only you can give me purpose
Your love, I am unable to fathom
Your love, so amazing and abiding
And I don't want to forget that
I want to let the world know
Of this love of yours
That is unconditional and everlasting
But I don't know how
All I know
Is to rely on you and to live for you
To live a life that reflects you
A life that honors you
That people will see the difference
Living for you
It does not offer an easy life
Nor does it offer riches
In the form of money
Not even a ticket
To be free from hardships
In fact
Life gets harder still
But what is it that you offer?
You have all that we need in this life
The one simple thing
That is purpose
With purpose comes
A sense of living
And not happiness
But joy that's everlasting
The tragedy of life is not death but a life without a purpose. - taken from Purpose Driven Life

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