Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seasoned By Salt, Seasoned by Experience

I've got a new found hobby.


I never actually thought of myself as a traveller but recently, after the trips to Sibu and also to Sabah, I see the traveller in me.

Such an experience travelling is! Seeing the makes you see things in a different light. Makes you ask questions too. do these people live? What do they do for entertainment? So much to ask. I for one, do not enjoy the life of the city so much. I don't like staying one whole week in KL. I am more of enjoying the outdoors like the mountains and beach of Sabah, having a breath-taking view and fresh air, that is the ideal vacation for me. I think one should have a fair share of the urban and suburban life. In Sabah, that's the best place to go to and worth staying one week for. With the beach, the mountains, night clubs and also the shopping malls, one can be entertained in just one state.

Truly, Sabah is amazing. =)

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