Friday, June 12, 2009

Cliches oh, Cliches

Heard from my friend Yanie that my classmate asked why I don't have a boyfriend cos I'm pretty.

I bet many are wondering. Haha.

So to clear the air, I shall answer in this post. =)

It's so cliche when people think that all pretty girls should have a boyfriend, don't you think? Not saying that I'm not having a boyfriend because I'm defying cliches. Not at all. And it's not that I don't think I'm pretty. I do and I know I am pretty.

It's just that it's not easy for me to let someone in, if you get what I mean. Love songs portray relationships as something so hard like Neyo's Mad and Jordin Spark's Battlefield. The idea that there's gonna be fights in relationships actually scare me. But it's only through fights that will either make the relationship or break it. Fights makes it genuine. But I am scared it will break it. Really, I am. I am scared of being a drama queen as well. Cos I know there are some people who have boyfriends and have public fights and also public display of affection. I just think these people are just addicted to the drama they see on the telly.

Also, I know that if I am in a relationship, I will be very loyal. A very serious loyalty. And I think that loyalty will hinder me from reaching my greatest potential. But I am not saying it's wrong for me to date. If I do date, then that's ok. I just hope that it will be kinda low profile and without public display of affection. But I know some will tease...gotta live with it right?

And I am very careful with whom I choose. =) Which explains the delay. But as Joshua Harris says, we shouldn't be impatient and pick the fruit before it ripens because it will be bruised. Patiently waiting for the fruit to ripen brings about a sweet outcome.

People are so cliche. I am not a girl who subscribes to cliches. And the ideology that a pretty girl is always taken and should be having a boyfriend is so overrated. Well, people, that is not always the case alright? I am the proof of that. I'm taking my time. Being patient to get the best.


BigGio said...

ahahaha! what a freakish question! so ture, i mean like...stereotypes of the society? no comment.

Christine Dior said...


i'm so glad you undestand lah gio...

oh, and people, I'm STRAIGHT.