Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goldilocks and Curly Bear

My blog don't have much pictures doesn't it?

And colours...

Sad huh?

Such a sad blog. =P

Well, Whatever.

Anyway, I want to tell you a story. You've heard of Goldilocks and the three bears right? Well, my story's just Goldilocks and the Curly Bear. =P

Goldilocks loves going to her aunt's house. Her aunt keeps a bear called Curly Bear. While Goldilocks is at her aunt's place, she loves sneaking into a room. Just that particular room. What she doesn't know is, Curly Bear lives in that room. But when every time Goldilocks is there, Curly Bear's never there cos it's out hunting for food. Goldilocks love going in there cos of all the good food stored in there. At first, she eats a little. Curly Bear came back and noticed a slight decline of food and asked,"Who ate my food?" But Curly Bear just shrugged it off cos it's just a little gone.

The next time Goldilocks came, she ate Curly Bear's food again. This time, she got a little carried away. Curly Bear came back and noticed some of it's food was gone. And Curly Bear growled,"Who ate my food???" Goldilocks' aunt heard Curly Bear growling and asked,"What's all this ruckus?" Then Curly Bear said,"Someone ate my food!!" Goldilocks' aunt replied,"It must've been rats." She knew Goldilocks ate Curly Bear's food but she is afraid Curly Bear would do something bad.

Then came the third time. This time, Goldilocks became greedy. She ate and she ate and she ate until Curly Bear came back and caught her red handed! Curly Bear was happy to find the culprit red handed but angry cos Goldilocks ate almost all of it's food supply. Such a selfish pig Goldilocks this! Curly Bear grabbed Goldilocks by her beautiful golden locks and eat her!!! Muahahaha!!!!! Padan muka!!! And Curly Bear said," Tak rugi I gather all these food to fatten up a little girl and eat her up. She tasty." =P--> The face of the satisfied bear. Curly Bear smiled away and sleep.

The end.

Tragic, isn't it? This story is a metaphor of something that happened to me today. It's so tersirat, that a bimbo can't understand this.

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