Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Days

Today, I am feeling the after effects of being sick. Yes, I was sick which sucks cos it wasted one day of studying!

Well, what happen was my cousin had a birthday party with a lot of eating. I went home and continued studying. At around 11pm, my stomach was feeling really weird! At first I could hold it, ignored it and continued studying but at last, it became worse so I decided to call it a night and went to bed. Couldn't really sleep though...till at one point I really felt like puking. And puke I did and it was no sleep for me..... I've experienced worse but definitely something that I'd wish would never happen again. However, it did. And so timely during my study break.

Went to the doctor the next morning, which was yesterday. Doc said that it could be food poisoning but unsure cos I'm not having diarrhea. And I was told to eat simple food. Aka porridge!! Nooooo..................... Suffered eating just porridge alone. Eewww!! And after that, I insisted to go to campus. Crazy huh? Yeah, it was. So I go loh....and I realized I look so pale. Bad. And I started feeling uneasy again. Super bad. Thank God Syaza was there so I asked her whether she can send me back. =P Insane I tell ya!

And I can't believe that I went to watch Transformers last night in that condition. Well, I couldn't sell my tic to anyone. Felt only a teeny bit better so I just go. Show was good. Unfortunately, I don't feel good which makes it very unenjoyable. Huhu.... So I need to watch it again. No point watching Star Premier when you're not feeling too good. It just spoils everything.

Today, my appetite's getting better but every time my stomach's filled, I feel like puking. =/ But at least I can still study despite this.

And thank God it's not Swine Flu.


antonia vera charles william said...

yay! i jelez u dah tgk transformer..haha!!! mandy mbak mask g skwel..tkt swine flu.

Christine Dior said...

ha? mbak mask?
xda pa2 punn....