Thursday, June 11, 2009

Idol Debate

Adam Lambeth.

So it's official that he's gay. Well, he didn't want to clear the air earlier cos obviously he's keeping his own interest knowing that he'll get less votes if he did. Like, duh!

Some people were pretty upset that he didn't win. Well, I wasn't. Haha. I am happy. His ego makes me sick. =) But I am not being biased on my decision. I have my reasons. I do music so there's no way I can be biased on music quality.

So the right question people should ask is...what does it actually take to win the American Idol? Is it just merely singing? We all know that it's based on votes so there's no set criteria. But I think the Americans know better. You see, take a good look at the competition's name. American IDOL. An American Idol should be a person who not only sings well but also have the positive qualities for people to look up to. In other words, an American Idol IS inevitably a role model, someone to represent the American community. I do believe no one in America would want to choose someone to represent them and send out the wrong message to their own younger generation and to the world as well. They've got enough of bad publicity anyway.

There are many things to look at actually. If we judge solely on singing, of course, the clear winner would be Adam. Adam's intonation is undoubtedly flawless. But if you were to judge on versatility, Kris Allen beats him hands down. Kris can play the piano and the guitar and he can adapt to any kind of genre. Adam is pretty much confined to rock only. Personality wise, Kris is also better. He's really down-to-earth. Just look at him when he won! Such genuine laid back, humbleness is very appealing. And that is why he took the American Idol title by storm. Because nobody noticed him in the first place. Nobody would've expected him to even make it to the top 3! Only people who deeply understand music notices him. Truly, he was the dark horse in the competition. Anyway, Kris Allen appeals to both the young and the old audience, making him more sellable than Adam. =) I think I can be the next Simon Cowell.

I don't like Adam's style of singing cos he tends to overdo it. Like what Mr. Ant used to say, too much icing on the cake makes you sick. He tends to be too showy with all that high pitch thing going on. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. There must be balance and I am a true believer of it. And by the way, No Boundaries is more suitable for Kris Allen. It's more for a 'soothing' voice. Adam has a voice suitable for the Old School Classic Rock (think Aerosmith people). Kris Allen's voice delivers the message of the song better.

So people, please vote for Kris Allen's version of No Boundaries if you think it suits him better!! Go to's website. Or else, they're not gona play Kris Allen's version anymore. =( Please don't be bias.

Bottom line is, I don't think we should judge the American Idol just on singing alone (well, at the LAST stage of the competition, that is). We have to bear in mind that the American Idol represents the community and that person has to be someone that is a good example for people (especially the younger generation) to look up to.

So that's my debate. =)

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