Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

Howdy everyone! I just realized my last blog post was in November not December. Oops. Hehe. I was preparing for finals at the time. And then there was finals. And then Christmas and then New Year and then I became plain lazy to blog. I'm on holiday at the moment, if you must know. Which also means I don't have much of a reason to dress up. So outfit posts will slow down for now.

Since it's already 2013, I'd like to wish Happy New Year to everyone! A recap of 2012.....

It was probably the most eventful year in terms of experience. Probably the worse as I had my heart broken like never before. I've never been this sad my whole entire life but I do hope I will never be this sad again. If I do, oh God, have mercy. Last year, I've said yes to things that I would never have said yes to. Like the photoshoot I did last year. And I also said yes to having a relationship with someone who unfortunately, was not here to stay and so, I've learnt a good but very painful lesson. It's been months long since things ended but up to today, as I'm writing (typing?) this, I still feel the pain. On a happier note, it seems that boys notice me more. *wink* But unfortunately I also learnt that I tend to lead people on while I feel absolutely nothing towards them. Obviously, I was looking for a rebound. I also said yes to befriending my Sri Lankan classmates who turned out to be like my own brothers. Before, I would never even associate with International students. Especially the guys. So I can say that my perceptions have changed. Unfortunately, some of my countrymen (who I don't even know personally) viewed me differently for associating with them and that I am the only girl in the group. Bah, who needs them?

So that's my 2012. Hope all of you had a great 2012. And let's all hope for a better 2013! Well, I got my results and I had a High Distinction! Hard work paid off! A little disappointed with the other subjects especially the fact that I failed one paper. It seems like I cant get through a semester without failing at least one?? How frustrating. But still, it was a good start to 2013.

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