Monday, February 11, 2013

2012 Favourites

I know a month and two weeks have passed since 2013 have begun but I would like to share with you my favourite products of 2012. These are products that I find really effective on my skin and for your information, I have combination skin and it's really oily on my T zone and cheeks.

Oh dear, I see a speck of fur. I love this product because of the smell. I find it too sweet when I first bought it but I guess I grew to love it since I spent money on it. For those of you who don't like anything too sweet, this may not be the product for you. In terms of whether it moisturizes well, I really don't know as I don't have severely dry, rough skin on my hands.

I had a terrible breakout last year around August and I was really in a rut with my face as my usual skin care routine was not working anymore. At the time, I was doing the 'layered' skin care but I really don't recommend doing that for combination and oily skin. Plus, it's such a waste of time. Anyway, my sister decided to buy me Clinique products for my birthday. The lady at the counter recommend this and the bar cleanser and the pimple gel to me. Overall, I love the Blemish Solutions line. It worked really well and my favourite of all is of course the toner. They did give me the sample of the moisturizer but that was horrible. It really dried out my skin making it oilier than it originally was. I don't recommend the moisturizer but the rest is great and I'd definitely repurchase despite being a little pricey but hey, it lasted me a really long time. I've used this since August last year until now and still counting.

Sorry for the rather blur image but I believe you've seen this in a Guardian or Watson store. It's Keratinology by Sunsilk and I'm using the Overnight Treatment for curly hair. I love, love, love this product on my hair. I put this on while my hair is still quite wet (I air dry my hair) and when my hair gets dry, my hair feels soft and looks moisturized and healthy. The smell is a plus and this bottle is my second bottle.

This is by far my favourite perfume to use out of the three that I've already owned. This is Black XS by Paco Rabanne and I got this for my birthday present last year. What I liked about this is the packaging. Small, pretty, red, with a rose embossed. I loved it the moment I opened it. I can tell the person who bought this for me really put into thought about my personality and tried to match the smell, packaging etc with my personality. The smell is equally as intriguing and sexy as the packaging. It's sweet but with an edge. I really don't know how to describe. All I can say smells like me. Haha! 

And the BEST product of all has to be this. Since the Clinique moisturizer failed, I went scouring in Guardian in hopes to find the perfect moisturizer. I was about to give up all hope when I saw this baby. It wasn't fancy looking, doesn't smell very great but it caught my eye for some reason. After using this, I just cannot stop raving about it. Even my sister loves this. It is so good for my combination skin. I've never had a moisturizer as good as this! This moisturizer is water based, which is so hard to find as most moisturizers are gel type, cream, emulsions etc. It moisturizes well too. It's just nice. Not too light, not too heavy. Perfect for the oily spots and not too drying for the non-oily parts. Of course my skin does oil up after a while but takes longer to become so. And the best part of this is that it costs me about RM8. As opposed to the Clinique moisturizer that will cost me RM100 for a 50ml tube, this one's a definite winner. This is the holy grail of moisturizers for combination skin types. I've bought 2 bottles and now I'm going to get my third. 

So that sums up my favourite products of 2012. Hope this helps you especially all you combination skin types out there. Sometimes it's amazing how the most unlikely product is the best product to use. And being so cheap, how can I resist? I feel the need to share the love. So I'm really happy and proud of my finds this time round. Till then, see ya next post!

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