Monday, February 4, 2013

Cotton On Haul!

Hello there everyone! Hope ya'll had a nice day. As you can see, I changed my blog header and I personally LOVE it! Wadaya think? But what matters most is that I like it. Hehe.

Last month, I worked at Hollika Holika for two weeks and I got my paycheck! Working there was awesome as I could try on ALL of the makeup and products! How cool is that? I also had the opportunity to meet some interesting people and it was my first time working as a promoter. Not so different from being a waitress but I still prefer being a waitress as I get to communicate with customers more.

So what did I do with my paycheck you may ask? Well, I decided that I will spend it all and have some retail therapy as I had none last year. It was as though all hell let loose. Well, it did. The moment I got it I got a few makeup that I like at the shop (which I will share with you later on) and I was like a mad woman as I felt the thrill of purchasing something. The next day, I decided that I'll shop at Cotton On. Initially I thought of going to Brands Outlet so that I could buy more things but I've been there and I wanted to try something else for a change.

And these were my purchases....

Forgive me because it's creased as I've bought them a while ago and I am just too darn lazy to iron them out for this blog post.

Tadaaa!! An overview of what I've bought.

Rubi strappy sandals. Finally I bought something flat. I either buy something wedged or a flat that is gladiator style and simply so difficult to put on or take off. This, I just need to slip it on or slip it off. Easy and fuss free and it only costs RM59. You can get two for RM75. It was really tempting but my budget was holding me back. 

One of the graphic tees that I bought. I absolutely love the tribal print on this shirt and it's oversized so I love it. I am such a sucker for oversized tops. However, it would have been better if I had gotten this in XXS. I am amazed at how big the size actually is. So those who are petite, be wary of the sizes. I bought 2 of these in different prints for RM75. 

The other print of the graphic tee. I was also drawn to this piece as I thought I don't really have to wear a necklace if I bought this. Again, it's oversized and folded at the sleeves. Just what I'm looking for.

These beanies are absolutely the cutest things ever. I loved it so much I not only bought one but two! In different colours of course. I was not sure about purchasing this but I was so eager to try and see how it would look with my curly hair. This only cost me RM5 each so I don't feel the pinch if I don't look good. Well, I looked good in them so it was RM10 well spent!

These jeans! They make my ass look so fine! I purposely bought the smallest and the tightest due to past experiences in purchasing denim. True enough, after a wash, it fits so well! Best fit I've ever got in a pair of jeans. What I loved about this jeans is the zipper details. Looks absolutely rocknrolla! This cost me RM30 only!! What a deal!!!

However, my happiness was cut short....

D: I've checked the jeans properly for flaws I did not expect this!! I thought the zip was fine. And I have never encountered this problem before. I intend to send this jeans for alteration and I hope the tailor would have a solution for this. What's worse? I couldn't exchange because I've taken off the price tag and washed it! As you can see I've done some 'temporary solution' to it but how long can I keep that up?

And that sums up my Cotton Up Haul. Oh, after I purchased these, I was actually entitled to a 30% off on online purchases at their website. The best thing about buying things at Cotton On is that they don't have a different price tag for East Malaysia. They're the same as I checked the website. So go on, make your way to Cotton On. I know you want to. ;-)

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