Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anything Could Happen

I have always been inspired by the likes of Ellie Goulding, perhaps it is because I like electronic music but Ellie Goulding is truly a star of her own. I love her style. Grungy but at the same time very feminine. What I always like about her is her choice of accessories. She does not wear much of them but when she does, it has impact. I particularly like it when she uses chain necklaces and also when she uses triangular studded earrings. Here in Kuching, when latest trends hit our shores (especially when it comes to accessories!), they tend to be so pricey and when you further inspect it, the quality is not that great either and you feel that it really is not worth the money! And so I waited for the perfect timing to get one. 

On Sunday, my friends and I were just going about our usual routine of having lunch and then head off for Youth Fellowship thereafter. We decided to have lunch at Kenyalang Park and since we had some time, decided to buy some munchies at the theatre. I was just browsing the earrings when I saw it - gold triangle studded earrings! It was only RM4.90. Such a bargain! I bought it without hesitation. And later on, my eye caught this awesome necklace which I will show you in a bit. And it only cost me RM13.90 plus, the quality is not too bad (as in not so pasty looking). Such a design in Kuching can sometimes come up to RM45, which is so ridiculous I must say. Well, it is true that good things come to those who wait! I sure am glad I did! So here is today's outfit.

Simple, casual but at the same time, full of impact! I'd definitely wear this look to classes. It is amazing how you can find gems in the most unlikely places. At first glance, people may think I bought all these gorgeous pieces at expensive places. I got the bag at Boulevard Hypermarket. No brand name whatsoever but it cost me about RM25? The disco shoes were a great find too. I did not get it at all the big names like Vincci or Nose or Summit or Heatwave or whatever...I got these lovelies at SOS. I can't remember how much they were but I can assure you they were really cheap. (I would not have bought them if they weren't!) It is not easy to spot these but my tip is every time you see something you like but feel that the price is not worth it, I suggest you not to buy it right away. Also, do expect to find these in street markets and not shopping malls.


Coffee Girl said...

Nice ensembles! Pretty necklace! wewitt!!

Christine Dior said...

ngiahaha...thank you! :3

Amelia Goh said...

dropped! love your outfit :D

lady said...

hi pretty! i really like your style, i follow your blog, hoping to see more posts ;) kisses