Monday, December 15, 2008

Tagged by Mr. Kenny Rogers (Gio) xD

at first, when i heard that person A was gonna TAGGED person B, then this BLOGGER company would automatically send this question to PERSON B's blog. wow! how imaginative.

here it goes...and i am gonna say it with colours!

8 people to tag:
-my sis xD
i sebarang choose..

8 things I am passionate about:

-Hair care
-Johnny Depp

8 things I say too often:
-i laugh from start to finish! (fave quote from 8 Simple Rules)
-palah kau tok!

8 movies I have watched recently:

-Madagascar 2
-Money Not Enough
-which reminds me. a stack of DVDs waiting for me. and i gotta finish Batman! fell asleep while watching cos too tired. =P

8 songs that I can listen to over and over again:

-paramore's love's not a competition (but I'm winning)
-paramore's that's what you get. can never get sick of it!
-paramore's i caught myself. i got sick of decode before everyone was crazy bout it.
-paramore's conspiracy
-sikth's peep show
-coldplay's viva la vida
-the devil wears prada's hey john what's your name again?
-the devil wears prada's HTML Rulez d00d

8 things I learned the past year:

-never rush into something
-how to be organise
-that weirder people than me do exist
-college life is fun!
-anything else

8 places I like to go in Kuching:

-expert BDC!! wahaha....ku suka laksa ya...
-swinburne. LOL
-my house
-church cos banyak activities. especially now.
-padini authentics wahahaha...
-eyesight optics. =P i go there every month.

8 things that you will be doing today:

-go class
-go My Restaurant at Sama Jaya to makan besar with Elly. nyam nyam!
-do some of my assignment mun sempat
-check facebook
-perhaps blog about the things i promised to blog about
-upload photos
-umm....think of decorations for the Christmas Party
-think of what song to sing for the party

8 things I regret this past year:

-i regret so many things that I can't say here. can't say i regret the things that i regret happening cos if it weren't for those things i regret, i wouldn't learn. so perhaps i don't regret anything.

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