Friday, December 12, 2008

Going On A Hiatus

Dear readers,

I am sorry for not updating since I've been back from the camp. Alot of things came up and I'm really tired. I know you're all disappointed and I know you're all expecting a post from me but I just can't really sit down and blog at the moment. Since coming back from the camp at Siar Beach, I had a farewell party for Khira, a band annual dinner, shop for my carolling outfit, and tonight, a carolling practice. Totally packed. I hope you understand. I am really busy but it's all worth it. What I hate is the assignment that I have to do in the midst of all these. And I'll be having a performance this Saturday at The Spring and you all better come and watch. 7.30pm aight? And I'm booked for a wedding. My friend's brother to be exact. The mother has booked me as the wedding singer along with my team.

Believe me, I have so, so much to tell you guys but I just can't sit down and blog much for now, I promise to tell you bout my camp and my performance for the band dinner (which was really awesome!). But I'm really busy now. Cos I really can't believe that my chance to shine in my music field has finally come true. And I wana savour every moment of it. It all happened so fast! From my performance for band dinner, to the sudden urge to perform a song at my friend's brother's wedding and the urge to perform for my cousin's wedding too. I really don't wana miss these chances. I see my music blossoming better than my fashion deisgning dreams.

I've been trying to compose some songs lately but haven't actually got a tune. Hopefully, I manage to get something done and perhaps, share with you all my songs. As for now, it's all still an uncertainty. Well, I hope for the best! God willing, I may become an artist or something. Hehe. It is one of my dreams.......

That's all from me, lovely people!

With much love,

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