Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mind Your Words

You know, some people can be so rude. And is your friend. To others who aren't so close, they refrain but when it comes to you, they take it for granted cos you're their friend. You've been friends quite long that they don't hold back their slashing toungue on you cos they've gotten used to it. And you? Poor you have gotten immune to it and just pardon them and continues to be polite, hoping that they would someday feel ashamed cos you're so polite and they make trashy and insulting comments to you. Plus, you dismiss them of their rudeness cos they're just somewhat immature, unlike you who's weird and unusually mature in thinking. But now, how can you when that person's 18? Aka adult? And those trashy and insulting comments who your friend thought was okay but it's not starts getting to you cos you realize it's time to not be so lenient anymore. It's time to fight back and make them realize they can't do this anymore. For God's sake, you're 18 and it's important for your social life. How long do you want to be ignorant of your insults and not-so-nice comments? I know it's not meant to hurt anyone but can you please not be so straight forward?

And how can I say this to you face-to-face? I really don't know but it has to be done. After seeing that you don't get what I'm doing. Not messaging you. Not really talking. Being hostile after you made a rather insulting comment with your rude tone. But it ain't that obvious isn't it? I can't. I tak sampai hati want to do it cos I don't wana see you hurt. And I'm just plain polite. But as a friend, sugar-coated words aren't gona help you anymore. Since you take me for granted. It's time I be like you, the straight forward you but like me, in a polite way.


antonia vera charles william said...
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antonia vera charles william said...

damn..! that's so true..huhu!!!