Wednesday, December 3, 2008

18 Things About Me

According to your age (18), list down the number of things that most people don't know about you. And then tag 5 people.

1)I actually mudah terasa. Cuma I poker face.

2)When it comes to music, when I am not satisfied with something, I will buat muka masam. I will get angry and show you my angry face. So yeah, I am rather a perfectionist when it comes to music. Heheh.

3)I'm actually very vain. Haha.

4)I love Maths. Really do.

5)I have a birthmark on the right side of my foot.

6)I have 3 other siblings. Not many people know this aight? People always think I have one brother only.

7)I have a very strong desire of not studying in Kuching. And I was scholarship hunting to study elsewhere.

8)I have been hurt by people close to me and the worse part is they don't know that they insulted me or said negative stuff to me.

9)I don't like people who have no manners. Aka. People THAT DON'T GREET MY FAMILY MEMBERS THAT ARE OLDER. And PEOPLE WHO SAY RUDE THINGS TO OLDER PEOPLE. That is something I cannot tolerate.

10)I am a miracle baby. I was born when my mom was old, when she was 42. There was a possibility that I could've died due to miscarriage. Even if I was born, there's a high chance that I could be handicapped. But I'm alive and perfectly formed.

11)The age gap between my oldest brother and I is 14 years, my sister and I 13 years.

12)My first band that I was obsessed with when I was a child is Michael Learns To Rock.

13)I was teased when I was young cos of my curly hair. Kinda had low self esteem cos other kids laughed at me cos my hair's different and 'weird' to them. Well, that all changed now. Haha!!

14)I make my bed everyday. Can't stand my blanket and pillows scattered around my bed.

15)I pick my nose.

16)I fart.

17)I just remembered, I can be very ceridak. That's very rare lah.

18)Last one....I actually enjoy doing housework. It's like stress relief and an anti-depressant. And the sense of accomplishment I get after that, so rewarding cos everything looks neat and beautiful.

I tag whoever who wants to do this. Malas dowh..............

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