Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm back to civilization! Well, on Sunday actually...but I was lazy to update. Heh. Carlag. You know? I mean, you have Jetlag for planes.....and Carlag for...cars. Okok...that's lame. =)

Recap of what I did recently.
5th December - Cousin's Wedding at Sri Aman
6th December - Come back for Sri Aman
7th December - First Dance Class
8th December - Clean House

As you can see, lately I've been domesticated. Reason being so is that I am bored and I want to do something else other than playing Facebook games all the time. Facebook is getting boring anyways. Plainly because I've been at it most of my time. It is time to learn and do useful things. I'd like to blog about my cousin's wedding some other time. As I am lazy to upload the pictures of it. But I'd like to blog about yesterday's dance class.

Well, I have had in mind to learn dance for a long time. The reason why I only started now was because I wanted to see if I was really eager and whether I can cope. But since I have the desire for almost half a year now, I decided to give it a try. Anyway, I need a place to vent my urge to dance in a club. I really don't wana go clubbing, even if I do like it. Because it doesn't benefit me. Dance lessons will be a great way to do it. Anyway, I could use some workout. My stamina's bad. Real bad since I left the Marching Band scene.

I'm taking my Modern Jazz dance lessons at Studio 23. Results? My whole body ached today! It was a really good workout! Cos the choreography involved almost the whole body. Especially the butt area. It's great for having a really good posture too. The moves is just what I wanted as well. Hee....very cool and yet not too sensual. It's the kind of dance that they use in Musicals and Broadway.

Too bad I can't take pics....Studio 23 doesn't allow that. But that's ok. I'm really enjoying it! =D

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