Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When You See My Face....

.....I'ma gives you hell.

Today. So much of the unexpected happened.

Zain's birthday and I actually wished him Happy Birthday and boy did I regret!

Heard some stuff that's shocking.


Mekartti came to campus!!

*Mac, mun ko baca, rindu aku sebenarnya. Walaupun kau tok annoying sikit. Rindu ngan annoying-ness kau kot. Boh manas ya?

But at the end of the day, all good things came to an end. As the tiredness emerges, so does irratability and eventually, anger. Unpleasant, I say. Got so angry at other drivers, especially when I was picking up my brother at Alpha Tuition. Got angry with my brother also as he din see my message or answered my call. The day ended with lots of kimak and cibai as I made my way home. And no, I am not proud of that. Forgive me, Lord.

People!! If ever you hear rumours by people that I am Josef's girlfriend or the likes, please, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Though we look like a couple, we're not a couple, okay? Nothing is like what it seems when it comes to Christine Dior. If ever I were to be in a relationship, it will be announced here in this very blog. That is for sure. If you also hear rumours from a group of Pakistan guys that I'm Zain's girl or the likes, please at all costs, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. As afore mentioned, I will tell. Zain likes to sit with me and talk to me at the library and we'll go to class together. Yes, I am very uncomfortable with this situation as it is giving me bad publicity and I do believe he does have some 'special feeling' toward me. Well, I'm gonna have to live with what people think. Probably I'll be a living testimony of not assuming things by just the way it looks.

Though I would like a low-profile relationship, one way or another, the first place for the beans to spill is always the blog. It is inevitable.

Thank you people for listening. And now, I shall disappear.



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