Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've Thought Things Through,,,

I wana stop being Miss Perfect. If everything don't turn out fine, just do it.

I wana save up my money and actually finish my education in music theory.

I need to refine my talents.

I need to discover more of myself. Hence the online store which is coming soon!


BigGio said...

r u sayin u wanna quit engineering? dont scare ma la

Christine Dior said...

no lah...i'm still pursuing engineering..don worry. it's a side income.

~anGeL~ said...

dont mind buyin sum of ur clothes......IF THEY FIT!!!!!!too bad it doesn't...damn..y u haf to b so small??y???hehe

Christine Dior said...

oh man....yeah..why??? btw, welcome to my blog. =D