Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And The Prankster Pranked...

So this is the day that I have always loved.
The day that I will never miss.
I will always prank someone.
And they always fall for it.
And to laugh at them is just awesome
But today......
I forgot that it's April Fools.
And this morning, I got up.
And I got ready for class.
I am prepared for EM (B) at 10.30am.
I was all ready when.....
I re-checked my timetable....
MY CLASS IS AT 3.30pm!!
Alas, the prankster pranked herself.
Yup. I pranked myself. I never thought that it was humanly possible but it was possible. And I DID laugh at myself. Who wouldn't?? I've always been the prankster but there's this one year that someone pulled a joke on me. It was a good one. A very good one. That was in the year 2006. My friend Rono from St. Joseph called me on a Saturday using a public telephone. He claimed that he's calling from Hilton or was it Holiday Inn but I know it was a hotel. He said that I made reservations. I didn't have a clue that it was him. So it went on and on, I was arguing and got frustrated when...........I heard laughs at the background. And I know that laugh. The laugh of the other 2 monyets that were with him. Ryan and Wilfred. Oh my.......that was when I realised it was a joke and that it was April Fools. And they were all like "APRIL FOOL!!!"
Touche. Touche indeed.
As a prankster, I must say that it was the best April Fool prank to play on anyone. However, I never recycled Rono's prank on anyone yet. And I don't plan too. It's just too good to use it again. LoL. Whatever that means.

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