Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Rainbow Cameo

Hello ladies! How ya'll doin'? Just updating you of the Rainbow Cameo Project! This is the final week of the Project and I've seen some amazing things these girls have come up with! I'm sure you've seen a few looks and now, let's see what the other beautiful ladies have come up with!

Let's begin with Yellow shall we......

Syafiqah of With Love Kisses is the adventurous lady who took up the challenge to come up with a Yellow-themed look. Inspired by a Cheetah, her eye makeup look is definitely sexy! The end result was simply amazing especially when she used colored contact lenses to make the look 'pop'!

Next up is the ever so daring Mieza of Mieza Everdeen, who volunteered a tribute to green. I love this look and I can definitely see myself wearing it cuz I'm an eyeliner kinda girl. This look is gona make any girl green with envy seeing your gorgeous eyes!

And then we have BLUE by Josephine of Skin Frostings who also hails from Kuching (yay Kuching!). She came up with a really lovely, dainty and delicate look. It just makes awe. Kinda like looking at a princess or something. Or a fairy...a flower child...whatever you call it. But I do agree with Cindy that it does need a lil bit more blue. 

Violet or should I say, Violac is next on the list as Cindy of Cindy's Planet takes on the challenge! Why Violac? She has come up with a Violet and Lilac look of which she mashed up the names, which I thought was so cute of her! She's also very thoughtful in putting up a description of every blogger of this project in her blog post! The makeup looks really sweet and is something that I think a person can replicate. I also think you can take this look from day to night by putting on a darker lipstick shade like a Plum color or something.

Last but not least, Syaza of Bloobs. Blurbs. II (who is also the Project Manager) concluded the project by coming up with a Rainbow themed look which will make you puke rainbow. 

In case you don't know, puking rainbow is an internet term for seeing something so awesome in the internet, ok? Cool.

Syaza's become a makeup freak and she's come a long way. *reminiscing her pre-makeup days (sorry Syaz!) :P  One thing about her remains the same though - her desire to be different. And she has always been different which is why we're friends! And because she dares to be different, expect something a little adventurous from her and her eye makeup look for this project lives up to it! 

And there you have it, Project Rainbow Cameo in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by the looks that all these talented ladies came up with! Do drop by their blogs as their contents are pretty amazing especially if you're looking for reviews of a particular product you wana try - they're you're go-to beauty gurus. Tune in next time for any more collaborations or if you would like to collaborate with me, I'm up for it too! 


Cindy Tong said...

omg hun you are such a sweet heart!!! thanks you for the write up hun!!hope to meet up with you one day!!

Coffee Girl said...

i wish i have an eye for colours too. or maybe if not, my own personal makeup artist lah. i love the colours i just am not that talented with them. :(