Saturday, August 15, 2009


I think Swinburne's boring. Yes. You heard me. The most 'glamorous' college is by far the most boring Uni you could ever go to. The activities that they have like Battle of The Bands...Swin Night...Prom Night..... It's all getting boring. And I can tell you that 80% of the activities (like Swin Night) are like ones where you must dress to's so.....typical. I envy people in Unimas. Unimas seem to have the craziest and lamest but fun activities.. I want that. I might as well transfer to Unimas wise, I still like Swinburne. You know, when I tell people that I'm in Swinburne, they're like "! One of the prestigous Uni in Kuching and bla, bla, bla..." All the activities we have...they're more for like the rich people kinda activities. Why can't we have like Malam Kebudayaan ka.....Malam Citrawarna ka....or anything like that. Well, I don't wana join Student Council as I said, people in there are snobs and such. I won't fit in...or....I'll end up becoming like them. No, I won't give up my humanity. I don't want to be yet another typical plastic Swinburne kid.

And don't you think Secret Recipe cakes suck? Well, except for Chocolate Indulgence.... The rest are just not nice. People actually couldn't believe my birthday cake was from Mita and not Secret Recipe. Sorrylarr.....Secret Recipe punya "Moist CHocolate Cake" is so not moist.... I still love Mita's stuff. They specialize in baking. Of course better than Secret Recipe.

And Paramore's Ignorance Official Video is out on MTV!

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