Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Up?

I'm trying as hard as I can to keep my blog as updated as possible.

Now that I am supposedly free, I shall.


Okay. There're two main things that I wana blog about that I haven't. I have others to blog about but they're not so important.

Anyway, first things first.

Scribbles Of A Girl has now been blogging for a year, as of April 30th 2009.
Happy Birthday to my blog. Yay!!

The next thing is....

It was Mother's Day last week!!
And I didn't get a chance to blog about my wonderful mother!!! D=
Too busy with the preparations for the occasion and next thing I knew, I gotta prepare for my Physics 2 test this Saturday!!! D=

Anyway, I shall take this opportunity to tell you of my wonderful mother.

My mom is just so awesome!! When I was a kid, she was still working as a bank officer. She still manages to pick me up from school and cook lunch for me!! How cool is that?? It's amazing cos a bank officer has to stay at work from early morning and sometimes, late at night!! And to be able to take care of me amidst the crazy working hours, I gotta salute her man! And she still looks so amazing despite all that.

Eventhough she's not working now, she's still awesome. Despite not working in the bank nemore, she's very much involved with the church so she's kinda like working for free. But it's all good cos I can tell you that God really blessed her.

Ever since I was young, my mom would always point me to Jesus. When I was of age, she would drop me at Sunday School. No matter how hard I cried and say that I don't wana be left alone to go there, she would just leave me there to be independent and to know about this person called Jesus. Everytime I had a problem she'd always say "Pray about it." Most of the time I don't but in my subconcious mind, it sinks in and as I got older, I did eventually.

She would always encourage me to do whatever I want. She would send me for piano lessons, she would enrol me for Squash tranings, and also for GB. And when I joined Green Road School Band, she would send me every week and sometimes, everyday as competition draws nearer. For church, she encouraged me to join the music ministry and would send me faithfully whenever I am on duty.

My mom's cooking? Totally awesome! The best chef in the house and no one in the household could ever beat her cooking. Even my friends love her cooking. So, for those who like what I made, credits goes to my sifu - my own mother. I got a niche for cooking cos it's all inherented from my mother.

While she is very nice, she is also a very good disciplinarian. And when I say 'disciplinarian' I don't mean she goes about carrying a rotan. No. She doesn't.
She never cleans my room for me. Never wash laundry for me and never does anything that I can do on my own for me. All these, I have to do myself. If I don't do it, no one will. And that's the mentality she instilled in me since young to become independent.

Now, about going out. Did you know I never had a curfew in my whole entire life? Even when I was young? I can go back as late as I want. I'm serious. Ain't lying here. My mom never demand that I introduce to her my friends. I myself dengan sukarela, will introduce them to her. Cos I think that she should know who my friends are. Anyway, I want my mother to trust me and I also want to continue having no curfew. So I better be a good girl. And about calling, she doesn't really call to ask whether I'm going home or whatever. I'll call cos my mother brought me up to be a responsible girl. She'll call when I forget to.

But I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for my mother's constant prayers for me. I know she's praying for me every morning. Not just me, but for my father and also my other siblings. She brought me up in a way a Christian mother should and I thank her for that. I think if she never directed me to Christ, all those late nights could be used to sneak out with a boyfriend and doing something that I will regret. But because she introduced Christianity to me, God becomes real. And when God becomes real and I know His love for me, I can never bring myself to do anything bad in His eyes, not because I don't want to sin or because I wana obey my mother but because I know it will break His heart to see me do so.

It is not entirely my mother who made me turned out well but because of God who placed a wonderful mother into my life. A mother who leads me and directs me to Jesus. A mother who is so patient and loving. A mother who never yells but yet, the whole world still listens to her. And now I can tell you that my faith is my own, not programmed by my mother because I have gone through a phase where my faith is challenged and questioned.

And this is my mother. A gift from my God.

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