Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Gawai 2009!!

Happy Gawai everybody!!

Well, for those from Kpg. Stass, that is.

Other people will start Gawai tomorrow!


Such a joyous season.

Unfortunately, I am not celebrating. I'm not following my family to go down to Sri Aman for Gawai. Cos that's where we open house. But while I can't go down to Sri Aman, I went down to Kpg. Stass today! Woohoo! Now that is worth going to. Cos I haven't been there in ages! Man I love that kampung. So much has changed since I last visited.

So what will I be doing here in Kuching? I'll be doing my assignment. =( I know, can bring back to Sri Aman mah but no. It's a group assignment that's why I can't. I have to stay here in Kuching, meet up with my very innovative team to finish up an Innovation and Change assignment. I hate that subject. It's USELESS.

I really hope I can finish my assignment. Fears of the past come to haunt me. Cos knowing myself, I never really finish things. All my crochet projects I do, they never finish. As long as it's something long term, it never finish. And now this. This project is on-going and I really wonder whether I can finish it on time. Or maybe even earlier. But I think I'll do well. As long as I keep my eyes on the scholarship I want, I think I can.

That's about it. Once again, HAPPY GAWAI!!!

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