Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Don't Wana Miss Out

Wow...back from Sibu for almost a week now and I haven't blogged about i! >.<" I'm sure you guys would like to know what I've been up to there.

Sibu's amazing I tell ya! I LOVE the food! It's super yummy and super cheap! I really miss that pork leg. The style of cooking is just so different! Shopping is super cheap too. So I've been stuffing myself with food and did a great deal of shopping.

Well, the highlight of it all is the annual State Level Marching Band Competition. And the champions are none other than St. Joseph Kuching. =D Lovely. I will upload pics regarding the Sibu trip in here and also in my Facebook page. And I will steal videos from Youtube. Hehe. I'll blog more on Marching Band later.

So what makes me quiet after my fantastic Sibu trip??


*Praparing for Engineering Maths (B) Test. Oh so gruelling! Been cramming my brain with numbers, numbers and more numbers!

*I had my very first facial yesterday. =) Wonderful I tell you!

So why am I working so hard for my test? I want good grades. I don't want to just pass. Last time I do but not now. I want to get a scholarship. I really do.

Lately I've been thinking and evaluating my life here in Kuching. It's nice, peaceful..... But then, I still think it's all too easy and I guess I've grown out of Kuching. Lately I've been wanting more. Lately I don't want to just settle with what's in front of me. I want more. It's not that I hate Kuching. I just think that I need to move on and go furthur since I think I am capable of it. I want to know how I'm really like without my family around me. I want to know how I'm really like when no one I know is watching me. I want to know who I really am, spread out my wings and continue being free-spirited and do things according to my own whim and fancy. Sounds selfish but....who wouldn't want that? =P

I feel that I am ready to part with my family and this land that I've known all these years. I want to see the world, explore a new culture, see people of different coloured skin and speak a foreign language. That is what I want. I want to be 100% independent. I am independent but can I make it on my own? This adventure that I want to embark in will either make me or break me but it will be worth the experience.

The scholarship that I was interested in has got offers to unis in UK, Aus and also US. But the universities that interest me more are the universities in Indonesia and Thailand. You all know how I would love to explore these countries. =D But I'm hoping to go to a University that has a marching band. A good one. So I guess America fits that criteria.

Well, all I can do is pray and ask earnestly for it and also work for it.

Oh God, I hope that You can grant this desire of my heart. I can't tell You to do this or that but if it is Your will, that'll be cool. Amen.

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