Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cleanin' Out My Closet


It's a new year again and for me, my yearly ritual is to clean out my closet. As public service, I shall share my sought-after knowledge because I know many women who HOARDS. Yes, women are hoarders when it comes to clothes. And for some women, discounts are their kryptonite. I'll get to the kryptonite part later and I shall address the hoarding issue first.

I am pretty sure that all through 2014, you may have succumbed to impulse purchases or still keep clothes from circa 1973. Honey, no matter what, they gottta go! Now, let me tell you why you should clean out your closet and it is not solely to let in the new stuff. When you sort out your clothes, you know what you have and you will discover your purchase patterns (maybe you tend to buy printed clothing more). You will also discover what you really need to add to your wardrobe. 

This is how I sort my clothes: 

Note: This is not the final sorting of my clothes. I've discarded a few more after this.

The unwanted pile.

Before I elaborate further, I'd like to stress - Do not. I repeat. DO NOT revisit this pile. Once you do, you will think "maybe I will wear this eventually". Just don't. Chances are, if you never wore them, you never, ever will.


When sorting, keep those you always wear. It is an indication that you really like them. Put aside those you feel you want to retire (cuz sometimes, I'm sure you feel you wore something on repeat). Those that you have never touched - to the unwanted pile it goes. You don't need them. :) Do not overthink it. Always keep your dresses to recycle for dinners (especially those pesky wedding dinners!). After all, no one will know that dress was from 2007 anyway (in my case, 1980). Also, make sure you maintain the same size (best reason to keep fit!) to save on dresses.

After sorting, this is what I am left with. You don't really need much to be stylish. Although I have hanged some clothes elsewhere and some are to be washed. Borrowed some clothes for a photoshoot too.

Make it a point to not spend on things you don't really want or need. Do not be attracted by any form of sales or offer unless you know for sure that it is what you want. I'd rather pay retail price for something I know I love and will wear than a discounted item that I might not like eventually. Not unless you have a Kardashian account, then by all means - buy. Shop till you drop! Another thing - don't form any attachment to clothes. They're just things after all.

For people on a budget and will be greatly affected by GST, this is where sorting your closet helps. It helps you identify what you really want and need. What defines as want and need is entirely up to you but I would take my bank account as a reference.

I'm sure you're probably wondering what to do with the unwanted pile. It's simple. Put it in a box and donate it to people who needs it more than you do. You could also give it to H&M for them to recycle and reward yourself with discounts. I am going to try the latter and see how it works out. I will update on that once I get it done.

So this is my personal tip on cleaning out your closet. I hope it will be of help. Do comment if it needs some improvement so that I can deliver better content in the future. 


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