Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Walking On Sunshine

Hello fashionistas! Here's another OOTD for you! I wore this outfit yesterday. I have got a lot of compliments wearing this dress. This is another gem I picked up during my recent trip to KL and yes, I bought it at BB Plaza. This dress has this happy-sunshiny-good day feel to it. I decided that I needed more colours in my wardrobe but then I got back and realized I do have another mustard yellow dress. Haha! I guess it is one of my favourite colour! I just can't help it as it looks so great on my skin tone.

I believe this is called a skater dress. I have always wanted to own one and now I do! Also, I've been sporting a different kind of make up. I am still a newbie when it comes to eyeshadow and I really want to make use of all the colours as possible. This time I am using Maybelline's Eyestudio in Venice Carnival. I just followed the back instructions on how it should be applied. Looks good though.

Two weeks ago I was down with a really bad cough which forced me to down loads of water. Not only that, I was beginning to have breakouts. But since I was drinking a lot of water, my skin condition really improved - texture wise and it became clearer. The texture of my skin was terrible that even when I wear makeup, it looked so cakey. Now, foundations and BB cream fit wonderfully on my skin. Before, I was not able to use my Loreal True Match foundation well but now, it looks fantastic on my skin! Do compare my skin in previous pictures and this one. It looks different. Still the best remedy to having great skin is to drink loads and loads of water and eat loads of veggies and eat less processed food. Of course, a trip to the esthetician for a facial is definitely recommended.

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